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Wendy has spent the last 25 years in the French Food and Wine Industry. After graduating from Aberystwyth with a BSc in Agricultural Economics, Wendy left for France, never to return, The first year was spent in Paris reading a Masters in International Agri-Food Marketing and then on to the world of work in Paris first as a sales rep in fine foods and then opening the French Office for an Anglo-Irish Meat Company before running the first overseas office of British Meat.

Leaving the meat trade for more glamorous shores : Wendy moved to the South West of France to marry the owner of a Classified Château in Sauternes near Bordeaux, she quickly mastered the Bordeaux wine trade by becoming the regional correspondent for the British Trade Magazine Drinks International. She has been teaching at the Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux since 1997 and specializes in training the International Bordeaux wine educators for the Bordeaux Wine Council.

As a leading Bordeaux wine educator, Wendy teaches professionals and the general public in Bordeaux, the UK and as far away as Asia and the US, as well as accompanying private wine tours for amateurs and enthusiasts alike. Her aim is to open the doors of the world’s most famous vineyards and share the talents of lesser known winemakers, explaining and making the wonderful world of Bordeaux wine more accessible.

Not being completely biased she often escapes to Champagne, Burgundy and the Rhone to explore other regions and wines with her more adventurous clients.

Her intimate knowledge of Bordeaux and the region makes for entertaining  presentations; speaking topics include: What’s new in Bordeaux, Bordeaux made easy, How history affects what we drink, Food and wine matching and wine and wellness especially with the publication of her late book The Drinking Woman’s Diet.

If you would like to share content or photos from the blog, please do so on condition that you credit the source as Wendy Narby, Insider Tasting. For editorial contributions please contact Wendy at wendy@insidertasting.com


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  1. Henry Martinet

    Un grand bravo pour votre site web:
    There can be no doubt: a relationship exists between golf and great wines. They offer pleasures that are immediate. Connoisseurs of golf and wine travel to Bordeaux and Medoc in pursuit of their pastimes; it’s not uncommon to be passionate about both.
    Enjoying golf and wine together can be as simple as sharing a bottle with friends after the round. But the great golf courses and great vineyards are rarely found in close proximity, so a traveller often faces the choice of one activity or the other.
    Golfers make their pilgrimages to Scotland or Ireland and wine enthusiasts to France. Yet, Bordeaux Medoc has emerged as the place to enjoy the best of both.
    En esperant vous recevoir en terre médocaine trés bientot
    H Martinet
    Directeur Général


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