A new approach to the wine list at the Pressoir d’Argent

The newly starred restaurant at the Regent Hotel has an interesting approach to the wine list for these cash strapped times. Presented by colour, no surprise there, the selection is then broken down by price. Starting at 30-60 euros and going up in increments of 65-95 and 100+ for the whites and 30-50, 55-100, 105-150 + of course – we are in a Palace here after all. Heavily weighted towards Bordeaux, as you would expect, the list is nevertheless eclectic and reflects and very interesting selection of reds for a fish restaurant.
The cuisine of Pascal Nibaudeau however lends itself to experimentation even with red wines. Still not sure then ask the sommelier, Vincent Delort, as he will select generous pourings of wines by the glass for you to accompany your chosen menu from €45.

Menus start at €34 for lunch but try the signature Homard Presse menu in the evening.

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