Monthly Archives: January 2011

Flying high

A pink pigeon is not something you see after a few too many glasses, on the contrary this once prolific bird is now a protected species in it’s home of Mauritius. In it’s honor the Medine sugar cane estate has named its vanilla and spice flavoured rum after this rare bird. Pink Pigeon original rum is easily recognized by the rubber band around its neck and the intriguing motto Peace, Freedom & Harmony.

Delicious on the rocks or as a cocktail ingredient, you can find some inspiration on their web site.

 I highly recommend this little taste of paradise.

Wine with a cause

A 100% Sauvignon blanc produced on the west coast of south Africa in dry land conditions profiting from the seas breezes from the Atlantic already sounds good. Using the lastest techniques of cool temperature fermentation, stirring the lees and protection from oxidation creating, a fresh, typically fruity sauvignon blanc, perfect for warm weather drinking; sounds even better. The difference however begins with the name, easy enough to remember but gives you a hint as to something different. In fact when you visit the web site the winemakers seem more interested in communicating their commitment to ecology than getting you interested in their wine, a noble sentiment and a fascinating website.
The wine is one of a range made on the Diemersdal wine estate by the Louw family who have been making wine here since 1885.

Just goes to confirm that tradition never stopped innovation