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New tasting room at Château Kirwan

Château Kirwan, 3rd growth of Margaux, is one of the most dynamic properties in Bordeaux when it comes to Oeno-tourism. The always elegant Nathalie Schyler who manages this family property has always had an open house approach to wine enthusiasts, wining Best of Wine Tourism awards for several years in a row profiting from the proximity of the city of Bordeaux to Margaux.
Nathalie was one of the first Chatelaine to have the idea of inviting guests to dine overlooking the barrel cellar, the first also to offer picnics in the beautiful rose gardens of this 18th century family property.
Château Kirwan is one of the few properties always willing to open bottles with some serious age to allow punters to really understand how Bordeaux wines evolve with age.
More guests will now be able to enjoy Nathalie’s Hospitality. Château Kirwan has created a beautiful visitors centre – a reception room, tasting room and boutique that allows for small intimate groups in a private salon and for up to 150 for a sit-down dinner in the renovated bottling hall with its glass doors opening onto gardens and overlooking the gravelly outcrops of vines surrounding the Château and the big open fire for winter evenings.
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New Tasting Room at Château Lagrange

Members of Bordeaux wine tourism industry were recently invited to the inauguration of Château Lagrange’s new tasting room.
This classified growth of Saint Julien in the heart of the Medoc was purchased by Suntory in 1983. It is one of the increasing number of top classified growths in Bordeaux opening their doors to the public by appointment. Château Lagrange is a perfect example of how the closed door policy of top Bordeaux properties is changing. The advent of a tasting room now allows the PR Director Charlotte Denjean to organize visits and tastings including older vintages.
Suntory have increased plantings from 57 to 115 ha becoming one of the largest properties in the Medoc in a single vineyard. Lagrange is also innovative in its wine making techniques; investing in new smaller (220hl) stainless steel tanks, 56 vats allow plot by plot fermentation. Fermentation which is also innovative using the co inoculation techniques allowing alcoholic and malolactic fermentation simultaneously – saving on energy needed to heat the tanks – very conscious of their carbon footprint !
The new tasting room was christened with one of the rare white wines to be produced in the Medoc – Les Arums de Lagrange 07. Lunch in the larger reception room was served with lined tasting during lunch with two vintages of the second wine Les Fiefs de Lagrange 2000 and 2003 and the ‘Grand Vin’ Château Lagrange 1995 and 1988.
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The photo shows from left to right Valérie Cholet Hostess and guide at the property, Charlotte Denjean Public Relations Manager and Catherine Di Costanzo PR consultant for the Château.