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Wendy's contacts and experience allow her to provide 'insider' access to the heart of Bordeaux, intimate knowledge, including unique experiences and rarely available venues.

Wendy Narby, Senior Lecturer at the
Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux, (Bordeaux Wine School) has been a wine and food consultant in Paris and Bordeaux for over 20 years. British born Wendy’s wine experience is not just based upon study but on years working as a marketing consultant, journalist, teacher and guide. Leaving Paris to marry a local Château owner and negociant, Wendy now shares her passion for the region with students, guests and friends from all over the world.
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Learn with InsiderTasting
Wine Education : Learn with Insider Tasting
As a leading Bordeaux wine educator Wendy has been teaching at
The Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux since 1997 both in Bordeaux and as far afield as Asia and the USA where as a ‘flying wine educator’ she takes the latest news from Bordeaux to the trade and enthusiastic amateurs.

Outside her activities at the
Bordeaux Wine School, Wendy makes her teaching expertise available to private groups, professionals, amateurs and corporations. 

Wine tastings and wine classes can be organised for you, your friends or colleagues at the school in the centre of Bordeaux or in one of the beautiful chateaux in the region. Bordeaux wine classes range from an introductory to an advanced level.
In the classroom, wine cellar, or at the dinner table, these amusing and informative events give participants an enhanced practical knowledge of Bordeaux wines and build confidence in their wine tasting skills. As formal or informal as you wish, from an introduction to Bordeaux wines to a deeper understanding including how to taste, serve, buy, store and of course enjoy Bordeaux wines.
Tour with InsiderTasting
Tour with Insider Tasting
Wine Tasting Tours
Working closely with local tour operators Wendy can create tailor-made programmes lasting from 2 to 5 days to suit the specific and diverse interests of you, your friends and colleagues in intimate groups of 2-6 people or larger groups upon request.

Who said education wasn’t fun?  Adapt your Bordeaux experience to whatever level of learning and play you want to combine.

Improve your tasting skills in some of the finest vineyards in the world; visit prestigious and famous châteaux as well as some of Bordeaux’s better-kept secrets. Learn to prepare local specialities and
pair food and wine in cooking classes with châteaux chefs in the kitchens of some of the top Bordeaux vineyards.
After almost 30 years in the world of wine and food I am lucky to be fit and healthy enough to get an enormous amount of pleasure from something that started as a passion and became a job.
Wonderful wine often goes with wonderful food and I love the travel that comes with the job too but it's not always conducive to a healthy routine. There are many arguments for wine being good for you, to which I totally subscribe, but still measures must be take to keep in shape.
I'm now putting the finishing touches to my book 'The Drinking Woman's Diet, that outlines some of these 'measures' and Yoga is one of them I have practised yoga for years, I find wine and yoga is a match made in heaven, amongst many other things yoga teaches self control which is a great quality to have in this business and it gives you a great body - what is there not to like? Come and try it out on a wine a yoga tour in Bordeaux.

Contact me
here if you would like to come to Bordeaux on a tailor made wine and wellness programme to learn about how you can enjoy wine and stay (or get) healthy and for advance notice and special offers for the publication of 'The Drinking Woman's diet.
Bordeaux Bootcamp.
Many people who tour with me or attend class already have some knowledge of Bordeaux. This usually comes from the bottle - a pretty good place to start - but they are looking to get to know the place behind the label.
Others know nothing about Bordeaux except perhaps a few preconceived ideas and want to the truth behind the image.

Bordeaux Bootcamp is an opportunity for me to summarise some of the themes I teach in class and cover when I tour with clients. It also answers some of the most frequently asked questions by students and the visitors to the vineyards.

There are plenty of excellent books about Bordeaux; either Château by Château or tasting guides. Bordeaux Bootcamp is neither of these; it is designed to look at Bordeaux basics and be a quick guide to the key elements that make Bordeaux the iconic region it is. Bordeaux wine education made simple.

If you are planning to visit and want some background beforehand, or if you have already toured or been to a class with me and could benefit from a little revision and update Bordeaux Bootcamp is for you.

The book is available for purchase at Gumroad. Or from

Please contact me here to receive a discount code for your Gumroad purchase  of Bordeaux Bootcamp. Book Reviewers please contact me if you would like a complimentary copy.
Personal Cellar Design and Curating
Artwork © Olly Clegg
Insider tasting has partnered with leading international interior designer Abigail Hall offering a service to design, create and stock a wine room or cellar that is unique to you.

This one-to-one consultancy service will curate your wine portfolio to suit your personal tastes and lifestyle and create the perfect environment to store, enjoy and share your wine collection. 

Your cellar can include wines for everyday drinking, for private and business entertaining and build towards a dynamic collection with ageing potential. We can build a wine collection from scratch, to furnish your new wine cellar, integrate a selection of new wines to complete an existing collection or simply house your current treasures. 

We enjoy close working relationships with wine producers and merchants in Bordeaux, obviously, but further afield across France and internationally. We can help build on-going relationships with local suppliers bringing you a full range of international wines. Direct access to Bordeaux wine merchant, Vinta Bordeaux offering a range of Bordeaux wines at very advantageous conditions including wine future purchases for longer term wine investment and bonded storage facilities in optimal conditions. Shipped directly from France uniquely when wines are ready for drinking or trading this offers a guarantee of provenance, important if you envisage trading your wines at a future date.

From traditional secret cellar to contemporary showcase tasting room, featuring old cellar books or avant-garde wine themed art installations, Abigail Hall’s philosophy of designing an interior around you and your tastes has never been more relevant.
Click here to contact us for further information on this exclusive service.
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